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Garage Door Maintenance

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Our Garage Door Repair in Miami Gardens has a reputation as being the best company around the area. Our company/contractor can do any service for you. One of the services that we are most proud of us is our Garage Door Maintenance & adjustments service. This is a service that we provide to our customers as a preventive measure in keeping their door free of any issues and working to perfection. We can do this service as often as you like, we usually do this service every 6 to 12 months for our customers. Here are a few things that we will do for you:Garage Door Maintenance

  •     Regularly Maintenance and Lubrication
  •     Tightening of all screws and nuts.
  •     Checking over every part for issues.

Another service that we at Garage Door Repair in Miami Gardens can do for your and your door is with springs. Garage door springs are important to a garage door. They will need these so that you can open and close your garage door without a hassle. Our contractors have a reputation of being the company to call when you are having problems with your torsion springs or your extension springs. These are the only two kinds of springs there are. But you can get either of these as galvanized springs.  Galvanized springs are bonded through a metallic process combining zinc and iron. This will help to have them lasting you a long time. Garage door springs are dangerous and must be installed or replaced by an expert only.

Garage door openers are a part on the garage door that you do not have to have but more and more people choose to have. They make life easier with your door. Its a lot easier hitting a switch then it is to lift a door. We carry top brands of openers at our Door Repair in Miami Gardens. These are Craftsman, Marantec, Sears, Genie, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster. It does not matter if you have a screw drive, a chain drive or a belt drive you can find an opener that will work with it. Remember openers are not so easy to install because they are bulky and heavy. Our company can do it for you. Already have an opener that is giving you problems well we can do troubleshooting also.

These are remotes that we carry:

  •     Miami Gardens Genie Intellicode – this types of remote has most recent rolling code technology to provide the safety and security. It's almost unbreakable and safe for everyone.
  •     Miami Gardens Liftmaster Security + - it also has the rolling code technology.
  •     Miami Gardens Clicker – One of the true universal remote.
  •     Miami Gardens Multi Code – by this remort you can operate your door from different frequencies at a time.

Garage door remotes go hand in hand with a opener. We at our company in Miami Gardens carry these remotes in all different sizes and styles. We can replace, install and even repair the  remotes for you.

Garage door replacement/installation service is a fun service that our Garage Door Repair in Miami Gardens can do for you. Is it time to update your door to a new one? Would you like a garage door that will match the style of your house? Well we at our company have the door for you. We have a variety of styles in wooden doors, aluminum doors, steel doors and Craftsman doors. We even have glass doors. Glass doors have a coating on them that will stop people from being able to see in to your garage but will let all of the brilliant sunlight in. Let us come out and install a for you or replace your windows.

Garage door repair is a service that our Garage Door Repair in Miami Gardens takes great pride in. This is an important service where our contractors will come and repair necessary parts on your door. This is a few of the repairs that we could do:

  •     door off track in Miami Gardens
  •     broken emergency release in Miami Gardens
  •     replace section in Miami Gardens
  •      weather strip in Miami Gardens
  •     bottom rubber in Miami Gardens

Garage door cables and tracks are parts that need to be repaired or replaced by a professional contractor only. This is because these parts are important to your door that you don't want to take chance of messing with them. There are several things that could going wrong on your cables & tracks like:

  •     cable snapped
  •     cable loose
  •     cable broken
  •     repair bent track      
  •     replace garage track
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