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Answers to most common questions on garage door concerns are found on this page.

  • What is the best value vs. cost analogy?

    When you consider getting new garage doors, you must give priority to your needs and get systems that are convenient, strong and resistant. It's better to invest in insulated doors according to our company in Miami Gardens and save later on energy. It's also good to invest in good materials and modern openers.

  • How can I clean my steel garage door?

    Use a clean cloth and water to clean the garage door first. Then use a mild detergent if required. If there are windows then they need to be cleaned with much care. Only non-abrasive detergents should be used as the rest of them tend to scratch the door and window. If you need to paint the door then follow the manufacturer's instruction and use only good quality latex type paint.

  • Is my garage roller door safe enough?

    Most high quality garage doors have an auto-locking mechanism and as soon as the door is closed, the locks are activated automatically. This is enough to ensure that the door is secure at both days and nights. In some doors there are electromechanical brakes and the door cannot be opened when it is

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