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Four Popular Garage Door Styles

11/25/2013 Back To Blog

Having all the options you could get when choosing your garage door is very important. Remember that your door will be the biggest and heaviest equipment in your home and it can take up to half of your home’s façade. It is strongly advised by majority of garage door repair companies in Miami Gardens that you consider the various styles before even choosing the type of material to use and their insulation options.

Traditional Style

Traditional style doors are the most common style when you look at old-built houses, and those following this style are just one whole piece that is opened through pushing the whole doors towards the ceiling. Sometimes, there are garage door tracks helping to hold the door in place before the homeowner decides to pull it down again.

Carriage Style

Carriage style can also be considered as a traditional style because of its early use in residential areas. However, they can still be a good option when looking for the best style of doors. These doors often have two sections that separate in the middle when opening but there are also those one-door carriage style doors that open in either in the right or left direction. Most wood garage doors are styled this way. 

Raised-Panel Style

This style is one of the most popular. As its name implies it is made up of multiple panels that is raised and folded up to the ceiling when it is opening. Raised-panel doors became extremely popular because they can be made from different materials and come with all possible colors.  

Modern Style

Modern style doors may incorporate two or more other styles with the use of modern materials such as glass and aluminum. These doors also uses high-tech innovations for opening and closing such as garage door remote and sensors that will open the door once it detects a vehicle.

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